Sunday School Classes
Adult Sunday School Classes


The nursery is the basic learning ground for young ones. Ages range from birth - 3 years. Children participate in songs, coloring and short basic Bible stories that are designed for their level of learning. 
Cheerful Chipmunks

Our class ages range from 3 years old - Kindergarten.  We focus on building a relationship with Christ and learning He's always with us, all the time.  Children participate in bible story lessons, games, crafts, adventures and occasional service projects.

Senior Youth

The senior youth class is a friendly, comfortable class for high school students. We share what is happening in our lives, and what God has done for us.  We discuss school, family, and social events, as well as praise and prayer requests that we write on our "prayer wall".  Through handouts, games, and activities we study literature from both old and new testaments.  We learn everything from the promises God gave to Abraham, to the miracles of Jesus.  
Basic Gift Class

"BASIC GIFT" is an acronym for "Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Growing in Faith Together."  Our class is made up of younger adults (Single and Married), who are building lives and some raising children while we share and grow our faith.  We are searching the word and Christ's examples to teach us how to live in, but apart, from the world today.  This class is open to discussion as we apply what we learn to our daily life and how we reach out to others.  Each lesson is a new idea, and this class is always open to those who wish to join us in the journey.
Adult II

Our class is made up of adults ranging in age from 30's to 70's (Single and Married), who are active in our spiritual walk with Jesus.  Each of the 5 teachers in this class has their own unique style of teaching which keeps the lessons interesting and on point.  We use anecdotes, audio/visual media, activities, and other methods to make the lesson meaningful and relevant.  Some topics we touch on are the cost of discipleship, giving and receiving forgiveness, and relational holiness.  We support class members who are going through challenges, and truly support one another as a church family.  New faces are always welcome.
Open Door Bible Class

As our name suggests we welcome everyone into our class.  We study one book at a time with the Old and New Testaments as our resources, with very limited input from commentaries.  Discussion of societal issues are kept to a minimum, and then only within the context of our current study. Relevant discussions, questions, and testimonials are an important part of our study, as is our strong reliance on the power of prayer in our daily lives.  The prayer mission and pursuit of our Bible Class is to learn more about Christ, be more like Christ, and become living testimonies in leading others to Christ.
The Physician's Assistant 

This class is made up by a range of ages (mid 30's-60's), who uses the word of God to apply Christian values into there lives and others.  We focus on all aspects of the Bible and discuss ways of implementing it into the worldly places we visit everyday.  As our name says we are disciples of Christ who are here to aid those in need by group discussions and prayer, and also help the Lord by helping people understand his word and its meanings.
Prayree Dogs

This class is our 6th-8th grade class. This class focuses on God's word, and learning how to apply it to our lives so that we might be fruitful and hopeful in an ever challenging world.  We use handouts, activities, and discussion to explain how God helps us, and prepares us for our life as future christian leaders. 
The OREMC Warriors

This is our class for 1-5th graders.  The class follows a curriculum designed to build a relationship with Christ, and apply Biblical lessons to everyday life.  We use handouts, activities, crafts and more to engage the elementary age students.
Service Times

Sunday School            10 a.m.
Sunday Morning          11 a.m.
Sunday Evening            6 p.m.
Wednesday Evening      7 p.m.