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Whether local or foreign, we are dedicated to preaching the Gospel to the ends of the Earth. We serve the poor and oppressed both here and abroad through our own local outreaches and by sponsoring overseas missionaries who aid to the widow and orphan. We are one of the most giving churches around because we understand we have been blessed that we might bless others with our time, talent, and resources. 

Meet Our Missionaries

image0 (1).jpeg

Aaron and Shannon DePue
OMS/ Hungary


Jonathan and
Katrina Spainhour
Youth with a Mission


Lou and
Sandy Carrico
Rescue Mission

image7 (1)_edited.jpg

Vernon and
Ruth  Perkins
EMC Missions

image1 (1).jpeg

Dereck and Yvonne Mushayamunda

image5 (1).jpeg

Harold Brown

One Mission Society 

image4 (1).jpeg

Andrea Allen
and Family
Solus Christus

image3 (1).jpeg

Bill and Lisa
EMC Missions


Troy and Jenny
Gentry and Family


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