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“Carry each other’s burden, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”

(Galatians 6:2) The goal of the Evangelical Methodist Church is to help people. The message of love proclaimed by Jesus Christ translates into practical terms, such as acceptance, appreciation, assistance, inspiration, instruction, and more.


Families grow up together in communities. We work to make the community a better place to live by developing programs that meet

people’s needs where they are.  

 We are working to give our

children the values they need.

We provide activities for the teenagers, guidance and resources for parents, and meaningful involvement for senior citizens.




Old Richmond Evangelical Methodist Church is a staple in the Tobaccoville community.  The church was founded on Sunday, November 25, 1945 by 15 people.  The church was originally called The Community Gospel Mission.  The church met in several buildings and homes until 1946 when the lot of our original church was purchased, and the name changed to People's Christian Movement of Old Richmond.  In 1962 the People's Methodist Church merged with the Evangelical Methodist. 



We are a conservative, Bible-based, Christian church with independent local leadership and support from the Evangelical Methodist association.

We have a Wesleyan theological background and believe in holiness, traditional marriage, and free will. It is our belief that every person has used his or her free will to choose sin; therefore we all deserve separation from God in Hell (the place He created to punish the Devil). We believe that Jesus, who is God in human form, died on the cross to take that punishment. If we repent of sins and have faith alone in Him, we can be made right with God and live forever with Him in Heaven. This also means we can be close friends with Him now. 


Since the founding of our church, Old Richmond EMC

has continued to grow and minister to the community.  

A vision was set for 2015 to grow our church through the building of a new facility; and in the spring of 2014 the new home of Old Richmond Evangelical Methodist Church was completed.





We are a caring family of believers united under the banner of Christ.  We share compassion and love to all who walk through our doors.  

We take care of one another, encourage one another, bear one another’s burdens.  Fellowship is essential for us because we live life together and support one another through crisis.  We work through relationship obstacles in order to develop deep, genuine community. This drives our church programs to each member

of the family, whether nursery, children, youth, adults, or seniors. 





Whether local or foreign, we are dedicated to preaching the Gospel to the ends of the Earth. We serve the poor and oppressed both here and abroad through our own local outreaches and by sponsoring overseas missionaries who aid to the widow and orphan. We are one of the most giving churches around because we understand we have been blessed that we might bless others with our time, talent, and resources. 

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We are a people filled with fiery zeal for the name of Jesus.  

We intercede for His Church to become more alive and vibrant in

love and dedication to Him.  We long for His prophetic voice and supernatural activities in our lives so that through us, Holy Spirit
might minister to the lost unto the Great End time Harvest. 
Therefore, we are a house of healing and deliverance, and a training center raising up ambassadors of Christ. 



We are a Bible-based church.  We take God’s Word seriously and literally.  While we are creative in reaching our society, we will NEVER compromise Scripture in an effort to be relevant or accommodating to an increasingly anti-Christian culture.  The Bible is our plumbline for God’s standards of holiness and understanding Him rightly. We honor the Lord by studying His instructions to us and teaching Truth in love. Therefore, we preach the full counsel of God. 


Meet Our Staff


Pastor Bruce Wham
Senior Pastor

Joy Wham
Pastor's Wife/  Youth Ministries

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